Frequently Asked Questions

If your question is not answered in the following FAQ's please contact us on 0845 474 0068 or chat to us online.

Who are the undewriters behind GLEAMING WHOLESALE?

The scheme we operate is underwritten by Hiscox Insurance Company Ltd.

What types of cleaning risks can you cover?

We can cover almost any type of cleaning risk from domestic cleaners, commercial cleaners to high level window cleaners. However large or small the client we can provide a quote.

How quickly can quotes be obtained?

All quotes will be confirmed (subject to all the necessary information being provided) within 1 business day. We will contact you via email should we require any further information.

Do you offer quotes for PL cover only?

Yes, cover is available for PL only. Cover for EL, Tools or Plant can be added to this policy at any time.

Do brokers need to commit a certain amount of business to GLEAMING WHOLESALE?

Not at all. You can place one case or one hundred cases with us, there are no minimum commitment levels required.

What are the minimum premiums?

For a PL only policy the minimum premium is 260 including Irish Levy and our policy fee. For a PL/EL risk the minimum premium is 520 including Irish Levy and our policy fee.

We notice you offer cover directly to cleaners, is this cheaper?

No, our rates stay the same whether we offer them directly to a customer or via a partner broker.

Do you issue PL certificates?

Yes, in addition to the policy schedule and wording we issue a Certificate of General Liability Insurance (public and products liability)

How soon will we receive the policy documents?

We hope to be able to issue the policy documents to you by email within 7 days. You will receive a cover summary immediately by email.

Are declarations required at renewal?

No, the policy is a continual policy so no declarations are required.

How do you accommodate increases in turnover and wages?

The client can increase their turnover and wages by upto 50% in any insurance period without any increase in premium. We provide a Duty of Disclosure document for you to send to your client confirming the maximum turnover and wages allowable, both at inception and at the annual anniversary of the policy. Unless the figures shown in the DoD document will be exceeded during the following 12 months, the premuium will not change.

Can the client pay by instalments to Hiscox?

Yes, your client can pay by interest free instalments directly to Hiscox over 12 monthly payments and no deposit required.

Do you offer exclusive quotes?

We are unable to offer exclusive quotes. All quotes will be dealt with individually, based on the information provided by the submitting broker.

Where does it mention "Damage to Property Worked Upon" in the wording?

The actual page number depends on the complexity of the case (as the schedule will vary in length) but will roughly be on around page 9-12 of the "Policy Schedule and Wording" document that you receive. It is mentioned in the following section;

What is the excess under the policy?

All claims for third party property damage are subject to a 375 excess.

What commission is available to brokers?

The commission you will receive will be shown on the "Premium Summary" document that we issue with all quotations.